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Ratings are listed for the overall story. Although some chapters might not rate as high as the overall rating, it is advised that you do not read any of the story if you are not of the proper age rating. Please read all warnings for the stories, including specific warnings or notes at the beginning of some chapters. Thank you.

Death By Take-Out

**Complete 9/17/06**

Rated: PG

(Character Death)

Set in the summer between Season 5 and Season 6 of BtVS.

Never underestimate the usefulness of a good Chinese take out meal with all the trimmings. This is a one shot story with no pairings. I hope you enjoy Spike and Dawn's antics against Angel. Buffy even makes a bit of an appearance.

Destiny's Rewards

**Complete 11/11/06**

Rated: PG

Set at the end of the AtS (Angel) Season 5 episode "Destiny".

The cup of perpetual torment may have been fake, but Spike's destiny as the victor is real. Angel has horded his supremacy over Spike for over a century, and it is time for Spike to show once and for all that he is the winner in the end. He wiped the floor with Angel during their battle in the opera house for the cup. Fake cup or not, he is about to be rewarded with everything he's ever wanted. It's time for Spike to be rewarded with his destiny. (Also I am changing the canon timeline for Angel at the end of this story because of how I ended up wanting to settle things.)

Not Beneath Me

**Complete 12/29/05**

Rated: NC-17


Starts at the end of the episode "Fool For Love" from Season 5. Ends at the end of Season 5 with an alternate ending to "The Gift" and a 6 months later epilogue.

What if Buffy hadn't kept completely silent when Spike sat down next to her? What if she had asked him to stay and opened up to him, even a little? How will her friends react? What will Riley do when Buffy breaks up with him? Will Spike being around effect things with Dawn and Joyce? This story follows as parallel to Season 5 as possible until the end of the season.

Revenge For Love

**Complete 7/14/05**

Rated: NC-17

(Vampire Buffy)

Starts at the end of the episode "I Only Have Eyes For You" from Season 2. Ends at the end of Season 2 after an alternate "Becoming 1 & 2".

Angelus makes his way back to the mansion during "I Only Have Eyes For You" where the ghosts of old tragic lovers possessed him and Buffy. Angelus is furious at being made to feel "love" for the Slayer again. He heads out with Dru for a "vile kill" and comes across the Slayer who seems to be lost in thought. Will he kill Buffy? Will Buffy finally be able to defeat Angelus? Where does Spike fit in all of this? Will Spike and Buffy get their true revenge in the end?

Revenge For Love sequel is called Living For Love (listed in WIP's below)


Duty Or Destiny

**Updated 9/8/15**

Rated: NC-17

(Pregnant Buffy)

Starts with the episode "School Hard" and takes us through an alternate ending to Season 2 and beginning of Season 3.

This story is a response to Challenge #64 at The Bloodshedverse ( Angel can't close Acathla this time. Only a pregnant Slayer's blood is able to tame the beast and seal Acathla forever, but who will the father be? Will she find love, or is she just doing her duty as the Chosen One to protect the earth from darkness? Full challenge requirements will be listed at the end of the story to keep from giving away several key plot points.

Living For Love

**UPDATED 11/29/15**

Rated: NC-17

(Vampire Buffy)

Starts with an alternate beginning to Season 3. (Sequel to Revenge For Love)

Set in an alternate season 3, the story picks up about a week after Revenge For Love ended. Faith and Wesley arrive in Sunnydale, and sparks fly all around. Identities and truths clash with lies and the past. Also thrown in are bits of chaos that Ethan Rayne would be proud to see. The PTB (Powers That Be) decide to interfere in things the rest of the Scoobies wish they wouldn't have. The Council still can't get it through their heads that Sunnydale is off limits. True loves grow, other relationships emerge, old enemies become new again, and new enemies are found. Through it all we shall learn that death is not the end of life for some, merely a new beginning.

You might want to read Revenge For Love first to get the whole back story and lore that I'm going by. If you just want to read Living For Love, please email me for a complete story summary of Revenge For Love. I'll try to post one here later.

Sands of Burning Time

**UPDATED 11/29/15**

Rated: R

(Time Travel and Crossover)

Spike, Buffy, Giles, and Logan (X-Men) cross time to rescue their loved ones from the Beast. Will their past actions affect their futures? Will any changes be for the better or worse?

Starts in Buffy Season 6 when Dawn ends up on a date with a vampire. Crossover with The Mummy movie series with Brendan Fraiser and directly after the first X-Men movie (by Bryan Singer), ignoring all other X-Men movies. As this story involves time travel, we have listed the date whenever possible. For timeline reference the Mummy movie was set in 1923. The Mummy Returns (#2) was set in 1933. Finally, The Mummy: Tomb of the Emperor was set in 1946. So, the bulk of their "past" adventures happen between the 2nd and 3rd Mummy movies (8 years after the 2nd and 5 years before the 3rd in 1941).

This story was originally started by MaryPerk and JackOfSpikes under the name ImmortallySpuffy. Chapters 1-7 were a combination of those two writers. Starting with Chapter 8 it became a collaboration between MaryPerk and Tasha. Each chapter will be marked as who wrote each chapter overall. This story also started out being beta'd by myself, Tasha (Chapters 1-9). Later on it was beta'd by DragonFlyLady.

Twists Of Fate

**Updated 11/13/15**

Rated: NC-17

(Vampire Buffy)

Starts shortly after the end of the episode "Once More With Feeling" from Season 6.

This is the sequel to Me and a Gun written by Athenewolfe. This story picks up at the end of the previous story. It would be helpful to read that story, but the summary is that right after OMWF, Buffy is caught in the cemetery, raped, shot, and left to die. Spike sees the perpetrator leaving the crypt, and then he smells Buffy's blood. He finds her inside, and the rest follows. Athenewolfe and Tasha are writing this sequel together.

Original Story (or Prequel to this story) can be found here at Athenewolfe's site. You might want to read that story first, but if you read the summary you don't absolutely have to. The original is very dark and angsty. This sequel will be a bit happier. Still have some down or angst times, but that is not the overall feeling for the story.

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