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Story Summary: (Sequel to Revenge For Love) Set in an alternate season 3, the story picks up about a week after Revenge For Love ended. Faith and Wesley arrive in Sunnydale, and sparks fly all around. Identities and truths clash with lies and the past. Also thrown in are bits of chaos that Ethan Rayne would be proud to see. The PTB (Powers That Be) decide to interfere in things the rest of the Scoobies wish they wouldn't have. The Council still can't get it through their heads that Sunnydale is off limits. True loves grow, other relationships emerge, old enemies become new again, and new enemies are found. Through it all we shall learn that death is not the end of life for some, merely a new beginning.

***Warning: As with Revenge For Love, there will be blood play involved in this story through feeding and claiming. I will not always put a warning at the beginning of each chapter. Please assume that this story is not for those who do not enjoy claiming, sexual situations, innuendos, or partially unconventional relationships that were not listed in the show. Please do not read if you are not of legal age to be doing so or if the above items freak you out.***

Disclaimer: By all rights, all characters originally created by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy belong to them. A lot of time is involved in my writing, but your feedback is the only form of "payment" that I receive. I have only the hope that you will enjoy what I come up for our heroes, heroines, and villains.

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