Misfit Family Members Updates

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NOTE: Make sure you have the right site bookmarked for your Misfit authors! I will try to keep everyone apprised of the wonderful work other Misfit family members (Ariel Dawn, Athenewolfe, BloodyTearsOfLife, DarkDreamluver, DreamsOfSpike, JackOfSpikes, Uncaged Muse) have in progress or have completed. All fics are Spuffy unless otherwise noted. Authors listed in alphabetical order.

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Ariel Dawn (website)
Date Title, Chapter, Etc


Athenewolfe no longer has an active/available web site. Her stories can still be found at some archive sites like the Elysian Fields (http://dark-solace.org/elysian/viewuser.php?uid=16)
Date Title, Chapter, Etc


BloodyTearsOfLife (website)
Date Title, Chapter, Etc


Dark Dreamluver no longer has an active website. Her stories are also no longer available on the web.


DreamsOfSpike Spuffy Stories can still be found on the Elysian Fields site http://dark-solace.org/elysian/viewuser.php?uid=99
Date Title, Chapter, Etc


JackOfSpikes (website)
Date Title, Chapter, Etc