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Original Story (or Prequel to this story) is called Me and A Gun by Athenewolfe. It can be found here at the Elysian Fields site for Athenewolfe's name. You might want to read that story first, but if you read the summary below you don't absolutely have to. The original is very dark and angsty. This sequel will be a bit happier. Still have some drama or angst times, but that is not the overall feeling for the story.

Story Summary: This is the sequel to Me and a Gun written by Athenewolfe. Athenewolfe and Tasha are writing this sequel together for the first 17 chapters. After that Tasha writes it alone. This chapter picks up at the end of the previous story. It would be helpful to read that story, but the summary is that right after OMWF, Buffy is caught in the cemetery, raped, shot, and left to die. Spike sees the perpetrator leaving the crypt, and then he smells Buffy's blood. He finds her inside, and the rest follows.

***Warning: There is blood play involved in a lot of this story, including claiming and feeding for vampires. There are also many sexual situations and innuendos, as well as the violence of revenge on some characters and some language. The story is rated NC-17 overall. Please read with caution if any of these things freak you out. DO NOT read if you are underage.***

Disclaimer: All characters originally created by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy belong to them by all rights. I just sneak them out of the vaults to play with them whenever I can. I do not make any money off of this. I have only the satisfaction that others enjoy the creativity and storylines that I come up with for our heroes, heroines, and villains.

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