Revenge For Love - (4) A New Family


Chapter Summary: Dalton made it back to the mansion, but he got stuck in the passage because of Spike and Buffy's joining, then claiming. Spike took in a lot of blood from the bags and convinced Buffy to feed from him directly. That led to the mating and claiming. Now they are resting and lots of thoughts are going through Buffy's head. Spike said they have a lot to talk about when they wake up, and he's right. There is much left for our new Mates to discover, including a family.

**Warning: F/M/M only in the sense of Spike and Buffy taking and sharing blood with another male vampire that gets him excited.***

Author's Note: Sorry that we don't quite cover the things I intended to cover for this chapter. The writing bug hit me right after I finished Chapter 3, and I only ended up covering one or 2 events that I originally intended to. Hopefully Chapter 5 will cover more on the Slayer demon and the meet up with the Scoobies. I can't promise it though as this story is really writing itself into a lot more when I start to put pen to paper.

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A blissful Buffy rested in her lover's arms. A few weeks ago Spike was her enemy, and Angel was her ally. Angel was the idealistic first love, and Spike was the epitome of evil. Angel was her guide and protector while Spike plotted his moves to destroy her.

Now Angelus was her enemy, and she loathed the thought of him. Buffy felt and heard Spike growl in his slumber. 'I wonder if he knows what I'm thinking about?' She was still paying for her mistake with Angelus and the Judge. She should have killed him then. Angelus was more demented, heartless and evil than Spike would ever be. Her connection to Spike told her enough about Spike to know that. Angelus taunted her family and friends. He went behind her back to get to those around her. Spike always faced her in a "fair" fight. He didn't play head games. Spike was all fists and fangs.

Somehow Buffy just knew Angelus would have relished killing each one of her friends and family to make her suffer by being last. That is if those ghosts hadn't gotten in the way. It pushed him too far over the edge, and now he would be the one paying for his mistake. She remembered Dru's screamed warning to Angelus right before he bit her. The crazy woman might not have been so crazy after all. Dru seemed to know what would happen. Because of Angelus' actions, Spike turned her. She was stronger than before. Her senses were heightened, and her childlike ideals were replaced with centuries of power and knowledge from the source of the First Slayer.

'Yes he will pay dearly.' Buffy thought to herself. Many images flashed through her mind each time she sampled Spike's blood. When he started the claim, the images became even more vivid. With the plunging of her fangs into his neck, she shared in the pains he suffered lately and in the past at the hands of Angelus, Darla and Dru. It was one of the many reasons that spurned her inner Slayer to repeat and complete the claim.

Buffy's mate had been chosen, and no one was taking him away from her or treating him like that ever again. Her Slayer knew that he was strong and intelligent. The connection she felt to the demon and the humanity within him was strong as well. She would see that he was treated like a Master Vampire should be treated. She would make sure that he was treated also like a man.

'Giles is so not going to like this.' Buffy cringed at the chastisement she was sure to receive from her Watcher. She sighed inwardly. 'Since I don't want to kill anyone, does that mean I kept my soul? If I did, how will I get Giles to believe me? Will he stake me on sight?'

Spike's arms tightened around Buffy. Even in his resting state he was attuned to her thoughts and emotions. The claim was strengthening the longer their shared blood flowed through their supernatural bodies. It was likely that any additional sharing of blood would strengthen the bond. The warmth of her essence touched him when her hand was placed over his unbeating heart during the claim. He felt the pull of his humanity become stronger, and his dreams reflected that.

Buffy smirked to herself. 'So protective. So cherished.' It made her very happy to feel the security and love of his embrace. 'Is it love?' She questioned herself and then nodded in affirmation. 'Whatever name he wants to give to it, I felt the bond to him. It is there. It's beyond a normal explanation of love.' She caressed her hand over Spike's. She still had a duty to fulfill as the Slayer, but now she would take much more pleasure in watching Angelus fall and pay for everything he'd done to her Mate and others. She hoped that Spike would respect her duty and not make himself one of her duties to perform.

So lost in her thoughts and the euphoria of her joining with Spike, Buffy was only now starting to sense the presence of another nearby. Her senses were full of Spike's scent and that of their combined arousals. She couldn't make out all of the specifics of the presence, but her instincts told her it was a male vampire.

Buffy tried to remain calm. Had their passions caught the attention of others? It didn't feel like Angelus; not very old or as dominant. She wouldn't call the presence completely weak, but he was no challenge for her skills. He seemed submissive in nature like a servant. Still it unnerved her that someone got this close to her without her notice. She slowly slid out of Spike's embrace. There was no sense in waking Spike or alerting the intruder of her knowledge about his presence.

Casually Buffy stretched to her full height. She arched her back and extended first her legs and then her arms out in front of her alternately. She hoped the stretching, in her naked state, distracted any attention to her search for his position. She allowed her senses to pinpoint him directly.

With the grace and poise of a predator sneaking up on the kill, Buffy reached over to the headboard of the bed. 'Why would a vampire have a wood headboard? Isn't that dangerous?' In a flash of movement she snapped a wooden bar from the bed, dashed to the opening in the wall, threw open the door and pulled the vampire behind it up by the collar of his shirt.

Spike jumped up out of bed. The surge of adrenaline from his mate, and the fear of Dalton's scent, took him abruptly from his slumber. He ran to Buffy's side and grabbed the hand holding her makeshift stake. He only had fractions of a second to act. He took the stake from her hand.

Buffy turned to her Sire and growled. "He was spying on us, Sire." In full game face, violet eyes glowing, she faced the now whimpering vampire once again. She placed her hands on her hips and her feet were slightly apart in a definitive stance of dominance and power. "He shouldn't be dusted for it?"

Dalton fell to his knees before Spike and Buffy. "I mean you no harm, Mistress." He bent over and placed his head on her feet. "I am but a humble and loyal servant of Master Spike." He turned his head to look up at Spike for his support leaving his cheek on Buffy's feet.

Spike quirked his scarred brow. 'Now that was slightly unexpected. He knows that Buffy is my Childe, but he readily accepts her as his Mistress? I know he saw the claim, but he is more dedicated to me than I thought.' He bent down to place two fingers under Dalton's chin. "This is Dalton. He has been a loyal minion from before and after Angelus' reign in Sunnydale." Spike directed Dalton up from the ground to stand in front of him. He looked at Buffy for her reaction.

Buffy watched everything with curiosity. Every move seemed like a ceremony of offering and acceptance. She felt a kinship towards this vampire. His words seemed genuine, not merely a display of false humility. She accepted his plea. She turned to Spike and nodded her acknowledgement of acceptance. He seemed to be unaffected by this man's presence. She would trust him too.

Spike smiled. 'Damn, she's glorious. So young, and yet she already holds herself like a queen.' He pulled Buffy to him to kiss her deeply. Their tongues mingled and danced

Dalton's mouth opened wide. Their bodies glowed with a golden aura in their passion. It was entrancing to watch.

Buffy and Spike pulled away from each other, panting. Though they did not need breath, their passions fueled instinctual reactions of gasping. They became lost in each other's gaze until a clearing throat brought them back to the here and now.

"Master." Dalton cleared his throat. "Forgive my intrusion on your time, but I have news."

Spike, still holding Buffy in his arms, moved back to the bed. He sat down on the edge of it along the one side. "Go on. Did everything go all right with the Watcher? I see you are still alive."

Buffy nestled her head against Spike's shoulders. Her nakedness wasn't a concern to her right now. No one in the room appeared fazed by her state of undress. So, she made no attempt to cover herself. She felt no shame in her natural state. Her attention perked up at the mention of her Watcher. 'What business would Spike have with him? Did he tell Giles about me?'

Spike felt the concern and questions from his Mate. He stroked his fingers through Buffy's hair in a soothing fashion. He nodded for Dalton to begin.

"They were most upset, as you could imagine, Master." Dalton wrung his hands together in front of him. "I did almost end up dust. They weren't even going to give me a reprieve with the little white flag you mentioned."

Buffy snorted. The image of a vampire walking into the school library with a white flag of surrender up was hilarious. Dalton had more guts than she originally gave him credit for. She could well imagine the looks on her friend's faces.

Spike and Dalton turned their attention to Buffy. "Something amuses you, pet?"

"Um, yeah." Buffy smirked. "Cute mental image there of the surrender flag."

Dalton was offended. "Maybe it would have been funny if I wasn't scared for my very life." He spoke in anger. "They wanted to kill me!"

Spike growled in displeasure at Dalton. His eyes narrowed into thin blue slits as he gazed at the vampire.

"My apologies, Mistress." Dalton quickly hung his head in a show of repentance and submission. "I felt insulted and belittled, but that is your right to do." What was it with him? Did everyone love to make fun of him?

Buffy tilted her head to the side in a bit of confusion. "I did not mean to insult you, Dalton. I do not want to diminish anyone that is helping us." She mimicked Spike's earlier motion by placing two fingers under Dalton's chin and raising his eyes to meet hers. "My humor and way of talking isn't always understood by all. I'm sure it must seem strange to you."

"I'm sorry, Mistress." Dalton smiled warmly. Things were always touchy around Master Spike and Drusilla. If Drusilla even cried that she didn't like a minion they were dusted. He was happy to see that this Mistress was not so temperamental. "I shall endeavor to understand better, Mistress and not take offense so easily."

Spike plopped back onto the bed, resting on his elbows. Each display was new territory for him even as it was the same in so many ways. He hoped that he would have an eternity to spend with his Childe and Mate to learn all there was to know about her. Hopefully they would also discover more about themselves together that they didn't know existed either.

"The Watcher was most distressed over the turn of events. The mere mention of Angelus' name ..." Dalton was interrupted by an angry growl from Buffy. He hastened to continue. "Sent him into quite a fit. He did not react all that much better to yours, Master, but then again he knows that you turned his Slayer."

Spike nodded. "Didn't expect the git to be too pleased about it."

"I gave them the book and the note." Dalton continued. "The children were all embracing each other and weeping while the Watcher stared out in shock and loss."

Buffy's heart may not be beating, but it broke at the thought of her friends in pain. She looked at Spike in plea. "Will I be able to see them?"

"Yes, luv." Spike drew Buffy down into his arms. He kissed her forehead. "The letter I sent with Dalton asked the Watcher to meet us at a specific place tomorrow." He looked up at Dalton. "Did he say he would accept?"

"He didn't say specifically if he would or not." Dalton sighed. It was rare to see such gentle forms of affection between vampires, and it made him feel privileged to be a witness to it. The fact that Spike was a Master Vampire made it even more rare to let a minion see such an openness of emotion. "The last I saw he was heading to read the book. We can only hope that he will see the truth in a Watcher's own words."

"Tomorrow?" Buffy questioned. "What will we do until then? My mom must be worried sick about me."

"We have to stay here for now, pet. I have incense and other things working to cover your scent. Angelus has to believe that you are dead." Spike sighed.

"Well he'd be half right." Buffy huffed sarcastically like a spoiled teenager.

"None of that." Spike chastised. "We aren't going to get into the life and death thing again are we?"

Buffy sighed. "Not right now, but I have a hell of a lot of questions for you Spike. You said we'd talk."

'There's that feisty Slayer I adore.' Spike nodded. "That I did." He turned to Dalton again. "I need more blood bags, Dalton. See if you can get them past the poofter and the bitch without too much fanfare. If you have to, tell him that some of the blood bags he gave me were tainted or something."

"Yes, Master." Dalton turned to go, but then he stopped and faced the pair on the bed again. "Master?"

"Yes, Dalton?" Spike queried.

"I must tell you that I witnessed your claim, Master." Dalton moved to his knees at the side of the bed. "I did not wish to intrude, but I could not help myself. I was riveted to watch you both."

Buffy gasped in shock. Spike wasn't surprised in the least. "I know." He answered. Buffy pinched Spike's upper arm hard. Her human delicacy was appalled that someone watched her have sex with Spike. Her Slayer side became aroused at the thought of someone witnessing their coupling.

"Ow." Spike snapped back in more playfulness than pain. "He was not interfering, and it is a treat for a minion to be allowed to witness such things." He tried to explain the situation to Buffy.

"You knew?" Dalton questioned. He was actually relieved to know that his Master was aware of his presence. It made his concerns lessen and his respect for him grow because if Spike knew that Dalton was there then his Master had truly given him a willing gift.

"Yes, I happened to look up from between my beloved's thighs when the door opened partway." Spike grinned. He was delighting in the bit of warmth in Buffy's cheeks. 'Still need to figure out the whole warmth thing.' He thought.

"Thank you, Master." Dalton sighed in relief. "It was a thrilling thing to witness, like nothing I've ever seen before." He remembered back to what he'd seen. "There was a misty light above each of you that swirled into a golden light that entered you both when the claim was complete. I never knew that would happen."

"Neither did I." Spike's brow raised in curiosity. He turned to face Buffy. "I've never claimed anyone, pet. It never did that when Angelus claimed Dru after he returned." He shrugged. "Maybe it was because he'd claimed her before, and he was just renewing it. I don't know."

"Maybe it's different because I was the Slayer." Buffy pressed her hand flatly over his heart. Her fingers tingled at the memory of the warmth that surged between them during the claiming.

"You are the Slayer, present tense, luv." Spike cupped Buffy's cheek. Their lives were becoming a myriad of more questions without answers yet. "We'll have to ask the Watcher about it."

"I'm sure Giles will love doing the research on that one. I can hear that phone call now." Buffy laughed. She held an imaginary phone to her ear. She cleared her throat and spoke in a horrid impression of her British Watcher. "Yes, I'd like to find out about this mist that covered my now vamped Slayer and her Master Vampire mate when they claimed each other." She practically rolled on the bed in laughter. "The Council will love that one."

Spike snorted. "Very amusing pet, but we aren't calling the Council of Wankers for anything. They would have destroyed the book I found because it didn't fit into their "all vampires are evil" ideal." He grew slightly fearful. He knew what happened to the other Slayers. He was determined that would not happen to Buffy. "They're certainly not going to help us now."

"You are so going to tell me what's in that book later." Buffy glanced across to Dalton who was still on his knees. He seemed to be waiting patiently for something. "Is there something else, Dalton?"

Dalton nodded slowly. "I know that you are newly risen, Mistress, but I have no doubts that you are Master's true Mistress." He looked over at Spike and then back to Buffy. "I wish to pledge my loyalty and all familial rights to you both. I ask that you and Master Spike accept me into your kinship, and I would give my blood as offering proof of that." He turned his head to the side. He was a vampire without a Sire. He belonged truly to no one, and no one truly cared for him before except Master Spike.

Buffy sat up on the edge of the bed. Spike followed her. She looked at him for guidance. Spike pointed at Dalton's neck. "You must drink first." He hoped that she wouldn't be too freaked out by the request. He liked Dalton. He felt a kinship already to the bookish vampire, and he had a desire to keep him as family.

Buffy leaned forward. She kissed Dalton's neck softly where a beating jugular would be if he were a breathing human. She worried the vein with her human teeth, bringing it more visible to the surface. How she knew to do that, she didn't stop to contemplate. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the Slayer within her. She was gradually realizing that the Slayer within was the source of her vampiric power. Her fangs sliced neatly into Dalton's skin.

Dalton tensed at the prickles of pain in his neck. He then sighed out in the pleasure of it. He opened his eyes to look at Spike. Spike knew what Dalton was feeling. Such an act brought pleasure to vampires. Spike could see Dalton seeking his Master's approval to enjoy the pleasure that Buffy was giving him. Spike nodded his affirmation and shifted into his demonic visage as well.

Buffy suckled Dalton's blood into her mouth. She felt the truth of his vows written in the cells of his own blood. She growled low into the connection, awash with the delights of the new joining. It was different than her claim with Spike, but there was a rightness about it anyways.

Spike moved around behind Dalton. He lifted Dalton's head up straight. "Though not my Childe by birth, you are now my kin by blood. Serve true and you will be rewarded. Betray us, and punishment will be swift and deadly. You belong to us." He reared his head back before he plunged his fangs deeply into Dalton's neck on the opposite side of where Buffy was still drinking. He picked up Buffy's arm and put it with his in front of Dalton's mouth.

Dalton felt himself quiver in weakness and excitement. He opened his eyes to see the proffered wrists. He bit into Buffy's first, pulling two strong streams into his mouth. He followed it with a bite to Spike's wrist. He repeated the two pulls of Spike's blood. He then retracted his fangs to lick both of their wounds, sealing them. For the first time since his Sire had been killed, he felt whole again. He belonged to a family, and he knew this one would treat him right.

Though Spike was a descendant of the Aurelius line, Buffy was only partially so. By completing this bond with Buffy and Spike acting as head of the family, they created a new one. This family consisted of the Aurelius bond and the Slayer bond. No one would be able to tell that Dalton was now a part of Spike and Buffy's family unless they knew exactly what the new scent was. Dalton not being Sired directly by anyone of the Aurelius line also helped to mask the Aurelian scent. Angelus and Dru would be unaware of the new addition.

Buffy and Spike removed their fangs from Dalton's neck with a feral growl of delight when they both felt him crest over into orgasm. They licked the wounds on his neck closed before they attacked each other in a whirl of claws and fangs.

Spike buried his cock into Buffy's wet quim simultaneously as his fangs sunk into her neck over his claiming marks. He pumped his hips forward in a fury of movement that no human could reproduce for any length of time.

Buffy clutched and clawed at any part of Spike's body she could reach. To muffle her screams she buried her fangs into Spike's neck and drank of his precious blood. Her back scraped across the floor. Each powerful thrust from her Mate drove her more wildly into ecstasy.

Dalton rested his back against the bed. His eyes were glazed over in pleasure while he watched his Master and Mistress mate again, reaffirming themselves to each other. Their bodies had a golden aura around them once more.

Spike and Buffy reached their peaks at a frantic pace. Both of them tightened around each other and collapsed together. Their heads ripped away from the others neck with a forceful "Mine" followed by "Yours" from each of them. There was a surge in the golden light, and both of their bodies arched when it pulsed brightly and entered them both. Both sated for the time being they fell asleep right there on the floor.

Dalton stood up on shaky legs. He stumbled over to the shower of Master Spike's suite. The Slayer's scent was all over him now. He couldn't go out into the rest of the mansion without giving her existence away. He stepped into a steamy shower, washing hard with herbal soaps to remove her scent. After he dried off he splashed a bit of an old bottle of cologne on himself that he found next to the sink. He quietly slinked across the room and exited Spike's suite. He made sure the door locked behind him. This would not be a good time for his Master and Mistress to be disturbed.


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