Revenge For Love - (3) A Full Awakening


Chapter Summary: Dalton went on a mission for Spike to the Scoobies and Giles. He took the old Watcher's diary with him to help prove Spike's case. Spike kept watch over Buffy in case she woke up on the first night. Although she didn't rise at sunset, she did awaken a few hours later. At first she tried to scream, and then she bit Spike's hand for covering her mouth. She then attacked his neck upon seeing Dru and Angelus' marks there. How will Buffy react to her bloodlust? How will Spike make Buffy understand? That's for this chapter to discover.

***Warning: Little voyeurism in this chapter as well as blood play of various sorts, and sexual situations. Strong NC-17 here folks.***

Author's Note: I'll explain more in the next chapter about the "demon" that actually turned the Slayer. So, if you get confused in this chapter, don't worry. More history and explanations will come in Chapter 4.

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Half of Spike found Buffy's sassiness delightful, even playfully desirous. His demon, however, demanded him to put this Childe in her place. "Do not mock me, Slayer." He growled and tightened his grip on Buffy's hands above her head.

"Slayer?" Buffy laughed. "Surely I'm that no more since you killed me!" She spat the accusation at him.

"I did not kill you!" Spike became angrier by the moment. Somewhere his research must have been off. This Slayer didn't seem all that soulful to him. Perhaps she was not the woman he believed her to be. "Angelus killed you." He shook her with force using their joined hands for leverage. "I gave you life."

"Life?" Buffy vamped out. "You call this life?" She fought the surge of emotions within her. A part of her actually realized what was occurring in her body. It welcomed the change. She felt stronger, more focused, and connected to the man holding her. She felt like she belonged. That part of her called out to Spike in a primal way. It wanted her to continue what she was doing before. Something angered it about seeing those marks on Spike's neck. It actually felt like the Slayer within her wanted to make her own mark known.

'She's so beautiful.' Spike took the time to enjoy the change in her face. Strangely he noted that her eyes were not amber, but violet in color. 'Strange.'

"Yes, you still walk this Earth. That is a form of life." In the privacy of his own mind Spike wondered what his continued purpose on the Earth was. He wanted to believe he was worth more than a killing shell of his former life. He wasn't just dead. He felt things. He had "life". "Would you rather I left you to finish dying in the cemetery?" He cringed at the mere thought of her blood spilling from her body and into the ground beneath her. His mind rejected any thought of Buffy not being around anymore.

"Anything would be better than my worse nightmare coming true." Another side of Buffy wanted to close her eyes, bury her face in Spike's shoulder and cry. 'It is strange how both parts want some attachment to Spike. Why should he matter to me at all?' Her human side now seemed the weaker of the two, wanting to cry, but even without her realizing it her human side was there. It wasn't that it didn't exist but more like her Slayer side was forcing itself to be known more predominantly. Why would it be her Slayer side that felt more alive now that she was "dead"?

Spike watched the various emotions play across Buffy's face. He saw the battle going on, and it actually relieved him to see it. It gave him hope that yes Buffy was still in there. If she wasn't, then she wouldn't have been fighting being turned. She feared it. She seemed to fear what she would become. He needed to help her see that she was still so much of who she was, only more.

Her stomach wrenching in pain interrupted Buffy's thoughts. The force and intensity of the pain made her cry out instinctively. "Sire!!"

Spike knew the force of bloodlust on a newly risen vampire was strong. The painful memory of his first bloodlust, and clawing his way out of his grave, stuck with him even now.

Although new vampires arose around sunset, they usually took more days to rise than Buffy had. That was why vampires were buried before they actually arose. The family wouldn't realize that their loved one had been turned. They assumed they were dead.

Neither accounts of the Slayer's being turned included any detailed information on how long it took them to rise. The Watcher's entries were only a day or two apart though. That led Spike to believe that it was less than 48 hours between first death and awakening. Something told him to be prepared for it tonight. It was as if he could feel Buffy stirring even in her "death" stage.

Spike felt connected to her on a deeper level all around. Having never Sired a Childe before, he was unclear if what he felt was normal or not. Something told him this bond was going to be different from a usual Sire/Childe bond. A feral part of him was still reeling at the initiated dominance and claim that Buffy played with. A Childe so young shouldn't even feel that need yet. The Sire bond should have been enough of a connection without the drive for more. He pushed those thoughts aside for now. His Childe needed his guidance and care for her first true feeding.

"SIRE!!" Buffy repeated more desperately. One hand clutched her stomach tightly. Her other hand gripped and scraped at Spike's arms. Her hands broke free from his grasp when the bloodlust overtook her. She bucked to try and remove him completely, but Spike pulled her deeper into his embrace instead.

Spike drew Buffy's head up to his neck. He cradled the back of her head in his hands. This was going to be a hard time for her. He knew she would refuse to kill a human being if the demon that turned her was her Slayer demon as he believed it would be. This was a test of just what he had created. He had to know. He would feel the fierce need to protect his Childe no matter what, but something told him that he only wanted Buffy to be the Childe he felt she would be able to live with herself being. He didn't want her to spend an eternity unhappy or dust herself. "It's all right, pet. You just need to feed."

"NO!" Buffy shook her head back and forth in a panic. "I won't kill anyone. I'd rather starve and die ... well dust." Tears flowed freely down her cheeks even as her cravings fought to make her break that vow. She needed the blood, and she wanted it. She would not take it by the death of an innocent though.

"Childe ..." Spike's tone held the authority of his position to her. He was a step away from going against his own wishes on controlling her. He wouldn't let her starve. He tried instead to use his voice in a reasoning manner, asking her to respect his knowledge of things. He only hoped that she would accept it. "You have to eat, pet."

Buffy picked her head up from where it rested on his shoulder before. "Please don't make me kill someone, Sire." She used his title in a respectful manner. She wanted to please him, but if she felt the blood of an innocent on her hands it would kill her more than her original death. Her Slayer wanted vengeance, and it craved the violence of battle, but it too wanted only the blood of the dark or unjust. "Please, Spike."

Spike realized that Buffy passed the test and temptation with flying colors. "Damnit, Slayer. I'm not the bastard that Angelus is." He growled. Even as he was happy that she passed, her begging upset him. He was not that wicked. "That would be beyond cruel to turn you and then expect you to feast on those you are sworn to protect." He pulled her face to his neck once more. "Drink. I give you permission to this time."

'Permission?' Buffy thought. 'Is that what I did wrong before?' A nagging part of her mind told her that was part of the reason Spike was upset before. He was her Sire. Didn't Giles say something about Sire's blood being a gift and more potent than any other blood, save a Slayer's? 'Sometimes I really wished that I'd paid more attention to Giles' lectures.'

Spike pulled several bags of blood from the crate. He bit into one, quickly draining it. "Later we will talk more about your feeding, but now you need this to make you stronger." He tossed the empty bag aside.

Buffy could smell the blood in the air. She turned her head to see Spike draining another blood bag. She sniffed near his lips. 'Human. How odd. Since when did Spike start bagging it?' That train of thought was lost as her gut tightened again. She looked up into Spike's eyes.

Spike nodded. As he looked at Buffy his look was actually full of pride. No fledgling could control their bloodlust for as long or as well as Buffy had. She hadn't even spent the whole time in her vampiric countenance. He tilted his head to the side, brushing his nose against her cheek to guide her down towards his throat.

Buffy needed no further urging. With a delight she never knew she'd have, she vamped out and sank her fangs deeply into Spike's throat. She growled deeply as each drawn out stream of her Sire's blood warmed and coated her throat. She swore that it was the sweetest and most wonderful thing she ever tasted, even if a part of her was going "yuck ".

Spike gasped at the intensity of Buffy's bite. He clutched two blood bags in his hands and drained them both simultaneously. Buffy was taking a lot from him, and he didn't want her to have to stop until she had her fill. His cock hardened at the pleasure of their joining. He could feel her amazement and delight through the Sire/Childe bond, but he also felt it through the bond of her fangs in his neck feeding from him. The sharing of blood between vampires was considered quite an erotic state to be in. Usually sex preceded the bite. He wasn't about to force that on Buffy. She was confused enough already. Fate had other plans though.

Buffy growled louder, and her fingernails scraped down Spike's back. She slowed her drinking from him, but she refused to let go of his neck. She took small sips and swallows of his precious blood while she curled her body into his lap. One leg slid around one side of him and the other slid around until she could lock her ankles behind him. No explanation was needed or given. She felt a power running through her, and she wanted to share it all with him.

Buffy's shift in position forced a groan from Spike. He was already quite hard and straining against the jeans he still wore. Buffy's nightshirt, which was one of his own t-shirts, rode up her hips to bare a portion of her stomach. Her barely covered sex was moist, and he could feel the heat of her arousal. 'Wait a minute. Heat?' It dawned him on that although Buffy was nowhere near the temperature of a normal human, she wasn't as cold as a vampire either. She was somewhere in-between. This revelation aroused him even more. He ground his hips up into her warmth, clutching her uncovered cheeks with his hand, and pushed her into his grinding.

Buffy broke away from Spike's neck with a gasp. She pulled her breasts tight against him, rubbing hardened nipples through her shirt against his bare chest. She rocked her hips forward which rolled and circled her covered heat over his burgeoning erection. "Want you. Need you." She snarled breathlessly. She tried to push him down the bed to be on top of him.

In an echo of Buffy's snarl, Spike growled his response. He twisted her around so that her back was to the headboard. He felt her pushing at him, but he refused to allow her the dominant position. His demon and his man lusted after this woman, but his demon would not allow Buffy the first play of dominance for now. One hand reached behind him to unlock her tightened ankles. He forced her down onto the bed on her back hard. His demon pulled forth his needed claws and shredded the t-shirt on her, purposely nicking her skin in several places.

Buffy's body felt like it was on fire. It burned for her Sire like a raging forest fire with no hope of being quenched without him. This was all so new to her, and yet she knew instinctively what to do. Angel had been her first and only time to be intimate with any man. How she could be so wanton, she didn't know. She only knew that she had to have Spike and have him now. She needed to feel him fill her, or she swore she would die another type of death.

Spike licked his way up Buffy's chest. He lapped his tongue over each tiny cut, suckling her blood into his mouth. Between her vampiric and slayer healing, each wound was closing fast once he licked it. He grinned wickedly while her body writhed underneath his touch. When he reached her covered breasts, he bit through the lace at the front with his sharp canines. He brushed the material aside with his nose to pay direct attention to her golden globes. Her skin color would more than likely fade with time, but she would be beautiful to him no matter what.

Buffy twisted her fingers in Spike's hair. She pulled at the blonde strands trying to hold on and guide him to where she ached the most. She kicked against the bed and squirmed more. "Yes. Spike!" She called out, but when he reached her panties, ripped them off, and placed his cool tongue at her entrance she screamed out, "SIRE!"

Spike jumped up to cover Buffy's mouth with his in a passionate kiss. He loved the ring of her voice in his hears in pleasure, but that scream could bring the whole mansion down on them. Dalton said that Dru and Angelus were out hunting. He hoped they were far enough away that they didn't hear that. "Quiet, or you'll bring all of hell down on us."


Dalton walked carefully up to the mansion. He was ever mindful of any noises or shadows around him. He was successful in living through his confrontation with the Slayer's friends, and he didn't want his death to happen so near to his goal of returning to his Master. Confident that the coast was clear, he snuck into the garden's foliage to the door of the hidden passage.

Dalton crept up the stairs. Spike said that no one knew of this place, but you never knew when one of the more curious vampires could discover it. He was just about to Spike's room when he heard it ... the beautiful and passionate voice of his Master's Childe calling out for her Sire. He stopped dead in his tracks, with his hand on the door panel.


Buffy whimpered as much for the loss of his intimate touches as she was for the scolding from Spike. Her eyes held the apology in them, but they also showed him the desires she had to continue.

"Will you be good?" Spike asked.

Buffy nodded.

"I want to hear you pet, but not today. We have to get you to safety first." Spike was genuinely worried about Buffy. Angelus, his Sire, would stop at nothing to see Buffy destroyed. She wasn't quite ready to face him yet, and it was his duty to make sure she was. This was becoming more than just revenge. He cared whether or not Buffy made it out of the battle even more than he wanted to see his Sire dead.

Buffy nodded again then whimpered. She sounded like a lost puppy looking for their Master, and her eyes reflected almost as much. "Please." She muttered behind his hand. "Please, Sire." She wriggled her body underneath him to entice him back to his previous touches.

Spike's desire for her grew with the whimpered pleas of his Childe. How could she be so innocent and so seductive at the same time? It baffled his mind. He kissed his way back down her chest, lavishing attention to each breast. His free hand traveled back down her stomach to her covered pussy. He rested his fingers on the outside of the satin covering her there, pressing just lightly into her clit to scrape the fabric over the tender nub.

Buffy closed her eyes. She actually bit her lip, and accidentally Spike's hand, to stifle the moan that wished to escape her lips. Spike's yelp of pain automatically brought her tongue out to care and treat the unintentional wound. She suckled the cut harder to get more of his blood.

Spike watched Buffy gather his blood on her tongue and enjoy it. It made him even harder than he thought was possible. He tore her panties off in shreds to get to his prize. He plunged two fingers into an already very wet hole of pleasure.

Buffy's pussy quickly accustomed itself to the two fingers and begged for a third then a fourth. When Spike obliged her hips rose off the bed and plummeted back down. She wriggled around, her body moving to show his affect on her instead of calling it out. Her body was strung tighter and tighter with each luscious tension that this primal like joining was creating.

Spike bit into Buffy's breast with his fangs just above her nipple. He groaned at the tightening of her inner muscles around his fingers and the flow of juices that were produced with the painful pleasure of his bite. He had a wicked thought about piercing a fang through her nipple to place a ring in it. Her nipples were so pert and tasty. He wanted to adorn them with jewels to accent her beauty. 'Perhaps later.'


Dalton pushed the panel open just a little bit. Even from the little slit of the room that the door revealed he could see the passionate embrace of Spike and Buffy. He shivered in response to the smells of arousal and power that emanated from the room. It was intoxicating. Even Angelus and Drusilla did not smell of this with the same intensity, and they'd gone at each other anywhere they wanted to in the mansion. Many times he'd been witness to their couplings, but it was never like this.

Dalton needed to tell Spike that his mission was complete, but this was a touchy time for Sire and Childe. Their first bonds would be the strongest. If he interrupted now, it could damage the closeness later. He was torn in his duty, his demon's desire to watch, and his human's side to let them be. He decided on listening to the last two.

Dalton sat against the back wall of the passage to keep himself as far away from the door as possible. It still allowed him to gaze upon his Master and his probable new Mistress without the worry of being caught. He was hopeful that Master Spike would be too caught up in Buffy's scent, and his own desires, to notice Dalton's presence.

Dalton ran his hand down the front of his tied breeches. He bit his lower lip as Spike's head moved down and now bobbed between Buffy's legs. He released his own cock from its confines and wrapped a tight grip around it. While he watched his Master in the throes of pleasure he stroked his cock from head to base. His movements sped up when theirs did, and he tried to calm down when they slowed down.


Spike grinned into Buffy's curls as the smell of a male vampire's arousal hit his nose harder. By scent, he knew it was Dalton. His senses were on high alert, and he had not missed Dalton's entrance into the tunnel nor his slight opening of the door. Peering up at Buffy's face, he could tell that she had missed these signs. Under normal circumstances, well normal for vampires anyways, he would have invited Dalton into the room for a closer look. He would have possibly even allowed him on the bed to watch Spike and Buffy together, but he doubted that Buffy was ready for such a display.

Spike drove his tongue deeper between Buffy's lips and lapped up the sweet nectar of her womanly body into his mouth. 'Nothing says I can't give our little pet a show though, now does it?' He reveled in the thrill of it all. Dalton was his most loyal, and he deserved a treat. He wasn't a threat to his relationship with Buffy. He trusted him. He quickly forgot about Dalton's presence, getting lost in Buffy's alluring scent.

Buffy bucked her hips into Spike's mouth. She tightened her thighs on either side of his head. Angel certainly hadn't done this to her. At first she was frightened when Spike kissed his way down her stomach to her pussy. Then she thought she would die when his tongue stroked her folds. Now, all she wanted was the pleasure he was giving her. She spiraled higher and higher to the pinnacle. She slapped hand over her mouth to help her from screaming out.

Spike could tell that Buffy was near. The twitching of her muscles around his fingers was only one of the signs of her body. Everything he did, she responded to with so many wonderful reactions. He watched her face. He memorized every movement and reaction. He shook his head back and forth, pressing inward to bury his tongue as deeply as he could within her and then scraped his teeth along her lips on the way out.

Buffy couldn't stand it any longer. Her body was going to explode, and she didn't care who or what she was anymore. All that mattered was the pleasure she was receiving and the man giving it to her. 'I have to have this. I have to keep this.' Her mind repeated over and over as she started to fall over into her first orgasm with Spike.

Spike felt the intense tightening of Buffy's muscles on his tongue. The flood of juices that hit his tongue on the first pulse intoxicated him. With that first burst of her orgasm he leapt from his position between her thighs to position his cock and thrust forward into her warm tight passage.

The loss of his mouth was replaced soon with the pounding and full thrust of his thick cock into her core. Her orgasm burst again, turning into a multiple twist around each climax. She forced Spike's face down to hers and buried her scream in a passionate tangling of their tongues and mouths mimicking the fucking of their bodies below.

Spike grabbed both sides of Buffy's face tightly. He fucked her hard and wild, plunging his cock deep into her depths to bury himself against her womb again and again. They were both in full game face. Their fangs bit into each other's lips and tongues, but it only drove their passions further. The mingling of their blood was perfect, and the taste divine. Both hungered for the other and the joint blood was his undoing.

Buffy sucked on Spike's tongue as her blood mingled with his. She felt the tingling of their tongues touching and the wounds continuously being massaged by the other's blood and tongue. She locked her legs just under Spike's butt and pushed his whole body up against hers to force his cock in as far as it would go in a quick but held thrust.

It was Spike's turn to bury his scream in Buffy's mouth and throat. Their mingled blood started his climax, but when his cockhead speared her womb and her pussy tightened around his cock, he lost it. Large thick bursts of his cold seed creamed Buffy's pussy and womb. His legs buckled while his hips bounced in shorter strokes to remain as deep in her as he could while he came.

Buffy scratched her fingernails up and down Spike's shoulder blades. Her body rocketed into another orgasm that kept flowing into another and another. Each stream of his cold seed made her pussy spasm again. Every little twitch of his cock and hips sent her into ecstasy due to her increased sensitivity.

Spike ripped his mouth away from Buffy's. He stared into her eyes only a moment before he saw the marks on the side of her neck. Although he knew that his marks for turning her were more important than those of the one that first plunged into her, his demon was livid. 'No one will touch her again. She is mine.' He growled loudly and plunged his fangs into the Master's and Angelus' side of her neck. He would obliterate their marks for good with a mark that would erase theirs.

Buffy's eyes widened and her sex twisted into another climax when Spike bit her. She wanted to taste him. She needed to be one with him in all ways. She leaned up far enough to quickly pierce Spike's neck with her fangs and counter drink to his pulls on her neck. The scars which she'd previous torn out were slightly more faded, even in the reddening of the torn skin. It angered Buffy's Slayer inside that the marks were not completely gone. It knew what Spike was doing, and the Slayer wanted it the same.

Spike took several long pulls of Buffy's blood before he ripped his head from side to side again to make sure nothing would remain of the previous marks. Bloodied lips glistened in the dim light of the candles in the room when he pulled back enough to speak low in her ear. "Blood of my blood. Childe and yet now Sire. Two beings, one life. You are mine, forever shall be. No one shall come between me and thee. I claim thee for my own."

Buffy broke away from Spike's neck to utter one word, "Yours." Her whole body radiated in a pulsing electricity. She felt a warmth push through her, and her hand was forced to rest against Spike's chest near his unbeating heart. She pulled back to look into his eyes. His blood tainted her lips in red. She stared into his eyes, her fingers tingling against his chest. "Blood entwined, shared as one, and freely given. Two beings, one life. I am yours, and you are mine. Forever shall it be. I claim thee for my own."

Spike stared aghast at Buffy. "Yours." He answered in complete awe that she returned the claim fully. Her demon must be a lot stronger than he anticipated. He felt the power emanating from her. He felt a pulse and almost a pain in his chest. It wasn't bad, but it burned. He opened Buffy's mouth with his tongue to knick it on her fangs. Something about it seemed more right than biting his own tongue, more intimate and shared.

Buffy slit her tongue on Spike's fangs before he could remove his mouth completely. They both took their bleeding tongues back to the other one's neck. Coating the blood of their tongues over the blood of the punctures, they blended their blood and sealed the wounds. Each of them buried their face against the other one's neck while their bodies once again thrust and rocked against each other.


Dalton watched from his perch in the tunnel. 'Oh my.' He gazed in wonderment at the green and blue mist that hovered over the two vampires. He felt the joy of the claiming taking place all around him. The misty light pulsed during the uttered words and soared down into both of them as a golden ray when the bites were sealed, ultimately completing the claim.

Dalton found himself caught up in the moment. His cock erupted in his hand, and he was forced to bite into his other hand to keep from alerting his Master and new Mistress of his presence. Panting needlessly, he tried to gather his wits about him before he thought about entering the room.


Buffy and Spike careened over the precipice of their mating one last time in a mixture of buried moans and growls against each other's necks. Spike collapsed on top of Buffy. Then, he turned her to the side. His cock, still hard within her, never left her canal since he rolled to the side with her. Instead he lifted one of her legs over his to draw her in closer.

Buffy relished the feel of his cool body against hers. She didn't want to lose their connection anytime soon. She was actually thankful that Spike seemed to feel the same way. She nestled her face against his neck and purred against her mark.

Spike shivered in pleasure. 'Minx.' He licked the side of Buffy's neck, playfully nipping his mark. "Rest love. I think we have quite a few things to talk about when we wake up."

Buffy nodded her head. Somehow her unlife didn't seem as bad anymore. Spike would take care of her, and she had a feeling that now he would never leave her either. A contentment she never knew washed over her. She'd been happy when she made love to Angel, but this transcended that by miles. 'I never thought I would feel the perfect peace in the arms of the one I thought was my mortal enemy.' She pondered that thought. 'I guess he really did save me.'


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