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STORY: November 29th, 2015 Sands of Burning Time has been added. NEW STORY is now available. As per my Live Journal notes, I am posting Sands of Burning Time here on this site as well with permission from MaryPerk. It was originally a collaboration between MaryPerk and JackOfSpikes. Now it is a collaboration between MaryPerk and myself. Chapters 1-14 are up at this site now. I converted them in the wee hours of the morning until sunrise today. LOL.

Two updates in one day. Oh boy! I'm going to hope that this trend will keep up. LOL. I'm going to go work on writing more for Twists, Duty and Living after this.

STORY: November 29th, 2015 Living For Love has finally been updated after it's long hiatus. Chapter 12 is now available. Since this is the first chapter released in several years for this story, you might want to reread the first 11 chapters to get yourself back in the moood. Living For Love is the sequel to my completed story Revenge For Love.

I am still trying to get one of my WIP's done before the end of the year. It's hard to know which one it could be since there is so much I'd still like to do with each of the three stories. This is a busy time of year (hopefully) for my online ebay business as well as personal commitments with my family.

STORY: November 13, 2015 Twists of Fate has been updated. Chapter 17 is now available. This is the last chapter that Athenewolfe and I shared ideas on jointly. After this I will be doing my best to continue the story to its conclusion. We had discussed various ideas before. Some of the characters, or story directions, were what she worked on more. So, there are some difficulties to try to get it all resolved. I hope that it will be satisfactory overall for everyone.

STORY: September 8th, 2015 Duty or Destiny has been updated. Chapter 21 is now available. The new chapter is about 2600 words/7 printed pages. A full copy of the actual prophecy being used for this story is at the end of the chapter. {Smiles} I'm sure that some of you will be able to figure out what different parts mean ... especially if you remember the prologue to this story. What's funny is that I've actually had the part that happens after Acathla written for years. I just have to get everything finished that leads up to it. LOL.

This is the first chapter that I've posted for this story in years. As I've stated earlier in the week, I am working on all three of my WIP's to try to get them finished. At least one will be finished by the end of the year, but I hope to have more than one completed by then. I have so many new ideas to write as well, but I want to try to work on this WIP's. I'll still write the other ideas on paper as the muse wishes, but I won't post other stories (unless they are one shots or complete) until these WIP's are done.

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