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My House & Other House Members

Misfits (formerly known as The Two Janes or Darkly Dreaming) is the home of fiction by DarkDreamluver, Rae (Uncaged Muse), Stephanie (Athenewolfe), Ariel Dawn, DreamsOfSpikes, JackOfSpikes, BloodyTearsOfLife and myself. Updates are easy to find for all of them as they have a combined update page where they also have a tag board for your thoughts. Then you can go off to their individual fiction sites for their previous writings.

Ariel Dawn
Frozen Bloodsicles

Tears of Crimson Regret

Midnight Moon

Dark Dreamluver
Spiked Dreams *Archive*

Darkest Before The Dawn

Uncaged Muse
Obsessions of a Twisted Mind

These women have an excellent variety of fictions that they write. Their site and their fictions have recieved several awards and nominations. The most common fiction pairing is Buffy/Spike. There are also some Buffy/Spike/Angel, Buffy/Spike/Angelus, Buffy/Spike/Drusilla, or Buffy/Spike/Angelus/Drusilla in there too. Some of the writers are now writing a bit of non-Spuffy stories as well.

Fanfiction Archives

The Bloodshedverse is a wonderful fanfiction archive of over 100 authors. Some of the best authors of Buffy/Spike fiction are posted here. At the Bloodshedverse you will find a "fic archive where Spike is ALWAYS a vampire". The fictions usually include some biting or claiming. This is a good web site community to follow or browse.

When you join (free to do) you can save your favorite stories, and the site will send you a notice when one of your "favorite" stories has been updated. I find this very helpful for keeping track of WIP's that I'm reading. It's also great for new stories from those authors that you mark as your favorite authors!

This site also includes a chat room, tag board, fan art (including icons and wallpapers), extensive photo gallery, and many wonderful challenges to inspire creativity amongst the writers. Beta readers are listed here for using, as well as reader profiles for those who wish to submit them.

The Spuffy Realm is a huge fanfiction archive mainly based on Spike/Buffy pairings. There are all human fictions as well as an international section for fictions in other languages. There are over 1000 stories posted here by over 300 different authors. Fiction ratings range from G up to NC-17. Everything is clearly marked on the rating and whether the fiction is complete or not.

Like the Bloodshedverse, you can mark your favorite stories, and the site will send you a notice when one of your "favorite" stories has been updated. Joining is free to do.

Buffy/Spike Central

Buffy/Spike Central used to have over 1200 stories listed. The archive went down for a while, and authors are encouraged to repost things that were there. The archive is steadily growing (over 400 stories as of Oct. 2006), and new authors are listing there as well. The pairing is Buffy/Spike, but this site is also open to the all human and alternate reality fictions. This site is a part of the Spuffy Online network of sites.

Vampire's Kiss is one heck of a site that covers fan art, wallpapers, AIM icons, LJ icons, fanfiction archive, and many other extras. It also offers awards for sites and fictions that are Buffy/Spike related. There is a bit of everything here, and it is nicely laid out. Everything is easy to find and read.

Sinister/Poetic Attraction is a great dual purpose site. From the main link ( you can choose Buffy/Spike fictions (Sinister Attraction) or Buffy/William fictions (Poetic Attractions). The stories can be from within the Buffy universe or all human, set in different time periods. There is a nice mix of authors here. I'd like to see more people post onto the Poetic Attraction (Buffy/William) side, but I think that people just need to know where they can find or post such fictions too. There are some good ones there.

(Rachel, the webmistress, created some logos for me for one of my site update revisions. She also helped me to figure out different things with the image program I am using.)

Quoted from the Dark Solace's about them page ... "We are sisters in the loosest sense of the word, having found a common bond in our love for Spike and Buffy's relationship and finding inspiration to write fiction based on the possibilities that we were given by their creator, Joss Whedon. We love the idea that the Slayer and a Master Vampire can overcome the most impossible odds and become stronger together than they were separately."

Authors linked through this site are: Angelic_Amy, Megan, Spike_spetslayer, Holly, Spikeslovebite, Just Sue, Schehrezade. They are known also as the Sisters of Solace.

A newer archive, but by no means a small one. Over 1000 stories from authors new and old (some not even archived in main archives anymore) are already posted here. This is a mainly Spuffy archive but human and vampire fics are allowed. As quoted from the site directly ... This archive started out as an idea that has since become something beyond our wildest dreams and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Elysian Fields has brought back the love of writing, spuffy, the fandom, for a lot of authors and we hope that it will also inspire you.


Author's Sites

Tam (Spikeslovebite) has two different sites, Just A Little Nibble and Enchanted Grace. She is an excellent writer, and a visit to either of her sites is well worth your time. She has a lot of complete Spuffy stories and some WIP's as well. She has quite a talent for the written word. You really feel like you are there with the characters in her story.

Just A Little Nibble is a part of the House of Bloodshed family, the original house that she belonged to. She is maintaining this site still, even with her newer one in place. Her newer site is Enchanted Grace (a part of the Sisters Of Solace family), and that is the one that is updated sooner.

(Tam also helped to create some icon images for one of my site revisions. Thanks!)

Wicked Temptation is the home of MaryPerk's fiction. To quote her site ... "In Maryperk's world it's only a matter of time before Buffy and Spike admit they have wanted each other from the first moment they saw each other." There are a lot of good Spuffy fics here from unique and original storyline ideas.

Haunted Gaze is the home of all fiction, story banners, logos, and other artwork by Karyn. She has an amazing talent for story banners. She created most of the story banners for MaryPerk and JackOfSpikes, as well as many others. Her fiction is hilarious and entertaining to read as well. A personal favorite of mine is "It Happened One Summer's Eve". It cracks me up all the time and every time I need a pick me up.

(I owe a lot to her and her tips for image creation and manipulation as well. She also helped me with starting to use the eFiction program for some other sites I handle.)

Seductive Embrace is the home of Spikeskat's fiction. She is a member of the House of Bloodshed family, and her fictions are awesome to read. Backgrounds and text colors make reading easy without hurting your eyes, and she has a good layout to make finding the fictions and updates easy to find. One of my favorites is a now COMPLETE story of hers called Lost In Time. She is excellent with original plots as well as blended plots with canon. She's very good with her characters.

Lost In Spike is the home of Jerzeyanjel's mainly Spuffy fiction. There are some Spillow fictions there too, but they are clearly marked. There are some good stories here. The site is laid out in a good easy to read format as well. Asthetically pleasing too.

Sunnydale Stories is the home of the fiction and videos of Tami Brandt. She's revamped the site as of Oct. 2006 to include more videos and a win an award section. This site handles Spuffy fics, but you will find more Angel(us)/Spike fics as well as other combinations between Buffy, Spike, Angel(us), and Drusilla.

The Watcher's Zone

The Watcher's Zone - This is a link to Melissa aka Sarafina's various pieces of fiction. There are more than just Buffy/Angel stories and links here. Follow the main menu to the Jossverse and then you can find the link for her Buffy fanfiction.

I'd Rather Be Fighting You - Tista's fiction. She has a great story called 1977, as well as many others that are Spuffy. They range from PG to NC-17. She also has a lot of wonderful wallpapers, fanart images, some videos, and more at this site. It's a well rounded site and well worth the time you'll spend there to get it all in. Very easy to navigate through it all too.


Award's Sites

Fang Fetish Awards started in around February of 2006. They highlight all different pairings in fandom with a heavy emphasis on the Spuffy. They also showcase many different categories from the lighter to darker sides of story writing.

Breathless Awards is "a site that was made to recognize all those hardworking Spuffy fanfic writers out there! If there's a story you really love or an author you feel deserves recognition for their awesome work, then please nominate them!" (Quoted from the site's main page)

Lost In Spike Awards

Lie To Me Awards


Misc. Sites

Bad Egg Awards - These days more and more people are purposely plagarizing other author's fictions. We are all aware that ideas can be similar to another, but there are so many who are outright copying everything word for word and passing it off as their own. The Bad Egg Awards is a site that lists all known plagarists. Help support the site by grabbing a link and letting the site owner know that you don't like plagarism either.


Credits & Kudos To These Sites and People

This is a fun site to make the figures or dolls that you see throughout my web site. You can build your own character, do a screen capture, and save the doll with an image program. It's kind of neat. This link goes to the Goth one which fits the whole Buffy universe, but there are a lot of other doll makers as well by going to the main site. It is a very graphic intensive site. Well worth the load time. Have a little fun. Check it out!

Screencap Paradise has a lot of high quality screen caps from Angel, Buffy, Smallville, Charmed, Tru Calling, and more. Some of the banners that I created mysself used pieces from Screencaps' archive. A big thank you to them for having such a high quality and accessible site. Kudos goes to them for allowing the pictures to be cut out, manipulated, etc.

My Hats Off To You Ladies!

You can find links to their sites above, but I wanted to give a big thank you to Karyn, Tam (Spikeslovebite), and Rachel (from Sinister/Poetic Attraction) for all of their help. All three helped to either provide graphics for a site revision, a story, and/or helpful tips on how to manipulate/create images. They were instrumental in my learning how to make the graphics more seamless and interesting.

Karyn was also a key person to help me out when I needed to learn the eFiction 2.0 program. She helped me muddle through setting the program up and wading through the massive amounts of code in the skins. She was great to bounce ideas off of back and forth, and I know I wouldn't have been able to succeed without her helpful nudges and encouragement.