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Angel Magazine - September 2005 James Marsters Special

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10 images from the September 2005 Angel magazine issue go indepth with James Marsters about his role on Buffy and Angel, his new solo album "Civilized Man", and so much more. Click on each image for the full sized image to open up in a new page. Go out to the newsstand to get your copy or contact Angel magazine to order this specific magazine as a back issue purchase.

Dr. Fine, Smallville Images for James Marsters
Episode "Aquaman", Official Introduction of the Dr. Fine Character

All of the above images may be clicked on for a full sized image. The above images are all from the episode "Aquaman" on Smallville which aired on October 20th, 2005. These images are courtesy of, and copyrighted by,

Promotional Poster

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Season 5 of Smallville is now available on DVD. Pick up your copy of the season to see James Marsters as Dr. Milton Fine aka Brainiac for several appearances during the season. He also provides the Commentary with Steve DeKnight on one of his excellent episodes.

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2006 Birthday Present From Esther

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