Sands of Burning Time - (13)

by Tasha

Note: There are various "history changes" or alterations based on how the characters have changed history in little places. There are several different "flashback" type moments to show how the characters have changed over the years. Everything is clearly marked for timelines. We hope that you enjoy the various ways that life has changed for them in their "past" and "future". Note #2: It is important to see the various stages that Spike went through over the years. As terrible as some of his past deeds were, they had to happen. So, even with Spike's evil intent at the time, he was actually making the future events possible to become the Spike he met from the future. Note #3: For timeline reference the Mummy movie was set in 1923. The Mummy Returns (#2) was set in 1933. Finally, The Mummy: Tomb of the Emperor was set in 1946.

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1941, Lost City of Atlantis

"This is pointless!" Imhotep snarled angrily. He was upset that the trio of "teenagers" had escaped his grasp again. He knew they were limited in how far they could go, but he was tired of wasting his time. He still didn't have one last artifact that he needed to read for his plan to work.

"Patience my love. We will find the tablet in time." The First, showing itself in the visage of Anck Su Namun, tried to calm the risen priest.

"Stop that!" Imhotep turned to face who he thought was his lost love. "I do not need you to try to appease me. I know what your heart is really like."

"I've told you before that something must have been wrong with the vessel. My soul never fully left the Underworld. She had my face but only half of my soul. I never would have abandoned you."

Imhotep wanted to believe the visage before him. It had broken his heart and soul when Anck ran away instead of helping him. He swore theirs was an eternal love. He still wasn't sure how he'd ended up where he was now. He'd been suffering eternal torment in the Underworld one moment and back in this realm the next.

Everything was all quite confusing. Imhotep wasn't even able to touch the visage of Anck Su Namun. She swore it was because she needed a true host to enter, but he was losing hope as each day passed without a solution.


1941 Before the group leaves to return to the caves where the original portal was

Buffy and Spike walked hand in hand to the place they knew Evil!Spike was staying. They knew they were leaving soon, and they wanted to have a chat with the vampire. Neither one of them held any illusions that he was going to like what they said to him. They had to try though. There were still so many gaps in their memories. They didn't know what path he'd take, and they hoped to influence it in some way.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Spike opened the door as soon as the two people from the future were in front of it. He'd felt them getting closer. He knew Buffy's signature by memory now, like the beacon of a lighthouse to the lost at sea.

"We are leaving soon, and we need to talk." Buffy pointed between her and her Spike.

"Come in then. Far be it for me to keep the champions from their duty." Evil!Spike was tense, and everyone felt it.

Spike rolled his eyes at his past self. "This is going to be a fun conversation," he thought to himself.


1941 Before the group leaves to return to the portal

"All that talk of faith and trust in the vampire is now wavering?" Edna Giles questioned.

"No grandmother. I trust that my Spike, for lack of a better term, will remain true to the Slayer. The path that is taken from this point onward for this timeline's Spike is what concerns me. We've changed some things."

"You worry that these changes will cause an issue?"

"Certain things happened in Spike's life to mold him over the years. Those experiences shaped his abilities, tolerances and knowledge. We don't know what effect missing certain events will do to him."

Edna pondered Rupert's dilemma. "In this situation I would reiterate that time is not a linear variable. You and I live with intimate knowledge of the supernatural world. To many others, vampires and demons are a farce. The way time travel works is beyond even our understanding."

"By the time Spike came to Sunnydale he'd killed 2 Slayers, one in the late 1800's in China and one in the 1970's in America. Which Slayers will or won't be called if he remains on the redemptive path?"

"I have a feeling that fate will step in when needed. I don't know if that means Spike will return to the dark or if another vampire will kill the American Slayer at the needed time."

Rupert pondered that thought. "Spike and Buffy's memories only seem to be updating with little events here and there. Obvious this time travel jump will happen either way, or we wouldn't be here."

"I surmise that your memory alterations will continue until you return to the future. At that point I'd hope that both sets remained. It would be good to retain the memory of both paths."

"I believe I will search our resources for some form of retention spell to be sure."

"That is a good idea Rupert. I will look as well. "

"We don't have much time here. We will probably be leaving in a day or two."

"I will keep looking even after you are gone. The memories will be there either way. If I find it later, I can still give you the spell then."

Rupert Giles nodded. "Thank you, grandmother."


November 1956 ~ London

Drusilla walked along the streets of London lost in her own peculiar thoughts. Her latest companion was back at "home" cleaning the mess from their "guests" of her afternoon tea party. Her thoughts were unsettled by Miss Edith's latest declarations.

It was now the fall of 1956, and Drusilla had been separated from her Childe Spike for 15 years. She left him without a second thought in Egypt during October of 1941 when he wouldn't take her where she wanted to go. Miss Edith had whispered into her ear at the time that nothing good would come from his defiance in that moment. She'd hoped that Spike would follow her later, but he hadn't.

Five years ago Spike and a dark-haired American vampire named Lawson ran into Drusilla during her French travel tour. The visit had been a tense one. She could tell that Spike was both content and unsettled at the same time to see her.

Nothing but death would ever sever their Sire/Childe bond. Drusilla saw Spike fight his own innate desire to please his Sire, but he also had a Childe of sorts to look after. Lawson may not have been created by Spike, but Dru knew that he was of the Aurelius bloodline. That meant a certain amount of responsibility for a proper Childe. It was too bad that Spike chose to "raise" him in an alternate way instead of how he himself was trained up.

In the end they hadn't stayed long. Spike couldn't kill his Sire, but he also knew that he should keep her from killing. When he wasn't able to convince Dru to stop, he left the country with Lawson in tow. No one knew that it would be the last time Sire and Childe faced each other. Without Spike to protect her child-like, but vicious, tendencies, Dru tended to get into a lot of difficult situations.

A red-headed young woman stalked through the cemetery. She'd searched all day for the lair of the vampire that attacked her and her Watcher the evening before. She'd scoured through her Watcher's books to try to identify the woman. Her name was Drusilla of the Aurelian line. She knew that the other vampire's mentioned in the book weren't around the insane vampiress when her Watcher was taken, but she wasn't taking any chances on them lurking around the corners.

Elizabeth felt the pull of a master vampire in the area. She steadied her crossbow against her shoulder and crouched down near a large memorial stone in the cemetery. The signature felt just as strongly to her as it did last night. This was the woman she was waiting for. She realized that her Watcher was probably dead. She just hoped that he wasn't turned. His death was hard enough to deal with. She didn't want to have to stake him as well.

Drusilla hummed and danced her way between the tombstones. It was probably strange that she was humming an old tune that her mother used to sing to her when she was a little girl. She'd found her mind wandering to them from time to time over the years, and tonight she felt that her mother was calling to her.

Elizabeth held her breath as the figure drew closer and closer to her position. She was tired from her search all night. She knew that she only had one chance to make the shot one chance to end this vile creature. She waited until the last possible moment to strike. With a twang the crossbow released its deadly bolt.

Drusilla looked down at the crossbow bolt piercing her heart for only a moment before she was dust.


November 1956 ~ Germany

"Noooooo," Spike screamed out loud and long into the night. He dropped to his knees on the ground.

Spike and Lawson were enjoying a spot of violence thinning out a local vampire population that had been threatening a town in Northern Germany for the last month. Spike had just finished dusting two vampires at once, stake in each hand, when he felt the searing pain in his mind and body.

"Spike what's wrong?" Lawson felt a surge of something and then a small sense of loss hit him. He wasn't sure what he was feeling though. The pain and growing anger on Spike's face told him that something really bad had happened.

"She's gone." Spike gasped. He pounded his hand against his chest over his heart. "Dru she's gone."

"Your Sire?" Lawson knew that vampires were supposed to feel a strong connection with their Sires. Angel had abandoned him as soon as he was created. So, he didn't feel all that strongly towards the brooding hulk except to despise him. Spike was the only Sire he knew, but their blood tie still wasn't as strong as a true Sire/Childe bond would be.

"Yes!" Spike stood back up. He took off in the direction of their hotel room tearing anything apart that got in his way. By the time Lawson arrived at the hotel, Spike already had half his belongings packed. "I have to find out what happened to her."

"I'll come with you." Lawson moved towards the closet, but Spike stopped him. Ever since his turning on a submarine in the 40's, Lawson and Spike had traveled together. Lawson was taught how to fight and feed by Spike, but he limited his meals to a catch and release style. Since he never knew any other life, it came natural to him.

"I need to do this one on my own. I don't know what kind of foe I'll be facing." Spike often suspected that Lawson retained a larger portion of his soul than most vampires. He surmised that it was because Angelus had his own bloody cursed soul when he turned Lawson. He wasn't sure which kind of foe he'd meet Council, demon or random human. He refused to take a chance on them meeting up with a Council toting lackey that would stake first and ask questions later.

"All the more reason that I be there to watch your back."

"The last I heard she was in Ireland, but I'm not sure where she ended up. Go ahead and finish up here. Then, head back to our place in Egypt. I'll hopefully contact you by the end of the year with news one way or the other."

"All right, Chief, but I don't like this set up at all."

"I appreciate your caring, Mate. That is rare in our kind. Thank you." Spike shook hands with Lawson and then disappeared into the night to check in with some of his various demon and human contacts.

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