This is a place for the many thank you's and acknowledgements that I'd like to give to various people or groups. If you feel that I've missed something, please feel free to email me.

I would like to give a shout out to my good friend Esther for her inspiration on some of the stories as well as teaching me more about better image manipulations. Although as of this date, Sept. 5th, 2015, I haven't added any of my newer images to the site, she took the time to give me tutorials and constructive feedback on several different manipulations. I do hope to get more of that work posted on the site later, as well as new icons and graphics for the site. Anything I create now is the result of her help (along with Karyn's and Rachel's help before).

(Haunted Gaze)
I wanted to give a big thank you to Karyn for all of her help. She created some of the banners for Living For Love, including a secret one that will be released when a certain plot point is revealed. She gave me a lot of helpful tips on how to manipulate/create images which was instrumental in my learning how to make the graphics more seamless and interesting. She helped me to gather a lot of links for Paint Shop Pro tutorials as well as send me a copy of many of the brushes and textures that she uses.

Karyn was also a key person to help me out when I needed to learn the eFiction 2.0 program. She helped me muddle through setting the program up and wading through the massive amounts of code in the skins. She was great to bounce ideas off of back and forth, and I know I wouldn't have been able to succeed without her helpful nudges and encouragement.

Screencap Paradise:
(Link may be found in the links section)
Thank you for the wonderful and high quality images that you have for so many TV shows. Those images helped me to find what I needed to make some of the story banners that I created.

Thank you for the Duty or Destiny banner. Also my thanks to you for keeping such a wonderful site updated regularly. The challenges you have accumulated from various people are great, and they wouldn't have left their challenge if you didn't have a great site. Thank you for all that you do.

(Sinister/Poetic Attraction)
You did such a fabulous job on the Not Beneath Me banner as well as the Hearts Of Twilight banner that I started using in my top frame of the site on 9/19/05. You were patient and kind to work with me on different Paint Shop Pro difficulties, and you took the time to send me a big informative email on how to make better graphics with PSP. The fact that you took the time to do that while still maintaining the Sinister/Poetic Attraction web site shows your kindness. Thank you so much.

Tam (Spikelovesbite):
Just A Little Nibble
Enchanted Grace
Thank you very much for working on the heart graphics throughout the web site as of 9/19/05. You worked with me with various styles and color until we found the one I liked the best. It was great that you took the time to spend back and forth through emails and YM's. You are a special gal. You are a great Beta, and you are a pleasure to talk to and bounce ideas off of. I love your stories, and I look forward to any of your written or graphical work.

Misfit Family Kari, DarkDreamluver and Starshine ... you guys were quite an inspiration when I first started writing. Between you guys and BSB, I really became interested in trying to write the fiction as well as reading it. Thank you so much for bringing me into the Misfit family. I felt so special the day my name was added to the list of Misfits that now includes Rae (Uncaged Muse), Athenewolfe, and Ariel Dawn, BloodyTearsOfLife, DreamsOfSpike, and JackOfSpikes as well. Thanks guys!

Joss Whedon and Co.
Angel and Buffy Shows
If it weren't for the creative talents and genuis of Joss Whedon and his crew over the years, we wouldn't have characters to write about. Thank you for sharing your creative mind with us. You gave us many years of wonderful shows. Your characters will live on for generations through rewatching of the shows and the various fictions that the fans write. Thank to Joss as well for being supportive of fanfiction.

Goth Doll Maker
(Link may be found in the links section)
Many of the "dolls" or people images on this site came from the Goth Doll Maker site. I used it exclusively for my doll images in the beginning and future updates. I have gone to some other sources since then, but there are still dolls on here created through that site.

As a Club Pogo member you can use your tokens (for playing free games) to create Pogo Mini's. Over the years there, I've created some different costumes, backgrounds, etc for my pogo character. Why do I mention it here? Because I have started to use some of those mini images throughout the site here to give more color and depth to the characters on this site. {Smiles} So credit is being given to Pogo for creating the pieces that were used to make up these characters.